Creative Services for your Non-Profit or Small Business

Graphic Design, Marketing and Fundraising

Use Your Voice offers services to creatively build and share the story that will help your small business or non-profit thrive. Together we can propel your purpose, optimize your communication efforts and build recognition of your vision. Let Use Your Voice help you focus your voice and ideas in a way that makes the biggest impact while fitting within your budget. For a small shop Non-Profit or start-up Business it can be a great challenge to find the adequate time and resources for conveying your meaningful and powerful story — the story your customers, constituents and contributors want to hear. Hire Use Your Voice to step-in with the expertise and enthusiasm you need, where you need it and when you need it.

Get started today with Graphic Design , Marketing  and Fundraising  campaigns that communicate your message loud and clear.

Transform your Vision

The skills and services you need to transform your vision into professional and powerful solutions.

Identify your TONE.
Get Strategic.

It’s a noisy world out there. And making sure that people are hearing you is harder than ever. Does your website engage and build connections with site visitors? Is your brand identifiable in a crowded market segment? Does your messaging express your uniqueness? Use Your Voice can help you answer these questions and develop a strategy for your communications.

Assessment, Planning, SMART Goals, etc.

TELL your Story.
Bring your Brand to Life.

Your brand is the sum of the thoughts, ideas, images, and feelings that are associated with the work that you are doing — hopefully this is what separates you from the crowd. Use Your Voice can help bring intention and focus to your brand messages and associations whether you are a start-up or are already in it for the long haul.

Branding, Visual Identities, Core Messaging, etc.

Make a Greater Impact.

Your work has impact; so must your marketing and fundraising campaigns. Your brand visibility and viability can grow through education, inspiration, and information via appropriate messaging channels and materials. Together we can mobilize your impact — bringing you more customers, supporters, constituents, and/or participants.

Marketing Campaigns, Printed & Digital Collateral, Content Creation, Core Messaging, etc.

ASK Clearly.
Raise more Money.

Asking for money is one of the great challenges that a non-profit faces. Without proper funding your work can be held up and your impact suffers. Capturing the heart of your work, everything that you are and believe, is hard to do. Use Your Voice can help you build the powerful messages and materials that represent your mission and also get into the hearts and minds of your supporters.

Fundraising Campaigns, Grant Writing, Annual Reports, Strategy, etc. 

Grow your Online Presence.

Today, your website is one of the most visible and sought-out expressions of your Brand identity. The design needs to integrate consistent messaging in an accessible format. And if having a beautiful, powerful, and succinct website isn’t enough… you also must consider social outreach. Make your digital presence uniquely yours.

WordPress Websites, Social Media, Strategy, Email & Enewsletter, etc. 

Use your VOICE.
Get started Today.

Whatever your vision, there is no time like today to get started. If you need more information about Emily and Use Your Voice you can read more in the About Section, or check out the Portfolio pages. If you are ready to get to work you can contact Use Your Voice with details about your vision through the Contact Form.


Jenna McDonald

Jenna McDonald

Life Coach & Yoga Instructor / Passion for Practice

Emily is impeccable in her attention to detail and truly gifted in design. For me, working with her has quickly and effectively brought a vision to life on the web and in the 3-D. I was offered a job teaching in my field entirely based on the content and design of my website. Thank you Emily!

Tracey Stover

Tracey Stover

Breath Trainer / Breathing Mandala

Emily is amazing to work with. She is creative, intuitive, patient and understands the process of gently guiding her clients toward their goals. She produces results and coaches. Emily is a gem!

Darcy Ottey

Darcy Ottey

Co-Coordinator / Youth Passageways

I think because deeply believing in her work is clearly important to Emily, she is able to seemingly effortlessly communicate the value of a cause or initiative. Her ability to tell a story in written form helped Journeys immensely. I heard from our donors more than once that her letters inspired them to give, even when they weren't planning to.